Individually Paced Training; A gathering centre for the class group is referred to as the ‘Training Centre’. The sport itself is about ball mastery and the game being played is 1 v 1.

From the moment that a student enters the ProBall Mastery Training Centre the student retains the ball at their feet. In the Land of 10,000 Touches, all core movements, every skill, every drill, and all competitions are designed towards complete ball mastery. The concept of passing does not exist in ProBall Mastery. And the only time that the ball is risked is when the 1 v 1 contests are being played. The training sessions are expertly and efficiently designed so that the time is optimally utilized to equate to maximize physical and mental growth. We do not waste a minute at ProBall Mastery. We guarantee this.

Martial Arts System Integrated: ProBall Mastery utilizes a martial arts orgnization and progression system which begins at the core entry level White Level ultimately to the Master Level of Black Level position applied to the development of soccer skills and overall athletic development.

The Level in between are Yellow, Orange, Green, Blue, Red and Purple. Ambitious student have the chance to take the next belt once every six months. The student will have the confidence to know when he or she is ready for promotion to each appropriare level and the teacher will guide him or her to proficiency.

1 v 1 Combat Test Matches: What we refer to as ‘Combat’ is another term for 1 v 1 matchs which are 3-5 minutes duration using cones as the goals and badminton size courts as the fields. The three areas of marked futsal court can also be divided into 3 courts ( or fields ) and basketball, volleyball and tennis courts can also easily and quickly be modified for sessions and matches. The last 40-50 minutes of all ProBall Mastery session are focused on 1 v 1 combat sessions. We guarantee this.